I will be Humble, so that I will not fumble because if I don’t fumble I will not stumble  


This is a personal declaration, nobody is forcing you to do that but the question is did you go by your words; been humble is not just a thing of the mouth but of actions. For those that has forgotten, let me quickly reflect on the meaning of humble, which is showing a modest or low opinion of your own importance,

recently I was in a place that we were expecting an important guest, when he entered I only saw one person at his back, his P.A I guess so I was surprised because I was expecting about five or more people to accompany him. When one of my colleagues came around, he asked that is the guest around, I said yes, the next thing he said is that this man is so humble, that if it was his predecessor he would have come with entourage. That defines Humbleness to me.

Try to be humble so that you won’t fumble because when you are arrogant you will do things awkwardly and that might make you stumble, before you gain your ground back things would have fall apart.

You are not too immense to humble especially in front of God because when you are humble to God that is when you will be able to do so to men. Even Moses who led the whole of Israel nation was the humble man on earth as recorded in Numbers 12:3. So who are you?

Don’t get it twisted been humble doesn’t mean you should be foolish, trust me some people will take you as a fool but you won’t allow that to happen. PEACE!

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