Profile On “ Frank Edwards ” How He Topped Beyonce’ s & Adele’ s Albums On iTunes


Frank Edwards famously known as Frank
Richboy has been a blessing to the Christian
world. As a contemporary urban Gospel singer,
he is highly celebrated for using his God’s
gifted talent to revolutionalize Nigerian
Gospel Music, introducing a new and exiting
twist, with his new blend of rock, fused with a
little pop and fuji.

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Bible Verse: Isaiah 12:2


Behold God is my salvation,  I will trust and not be afraid; for the LORD is my strength and my song; he has  also has become my salvation!  – Isaiah 12:2

Pope heads to Egypt with Christians in retreat across Middle East


The Crusader Journal reported that  VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Francis flies to Cairo on Friday, less than a month after church bombings killed 45 people in two Egyptian cities as part of a concerted campaign by Islamist militants to rid the Middle East of Christians.

Home to some of the faith’s earliest churches, the region’s Christian communities have been in decline for decades, but wars this century in Iraq and Syria, and the emergence of Islamic Stat have put their future in doubt.Read More »

United Church of Christ Continues To Promote Anti-Israel Agenda


The United Church of Christ (UCC), a liberal Protestant church with roots that go back to the Mayflower, is at it again.

During the first few days of July 2017, the denomination’s deliberative body, the General Synod, will gather in Baltimore Maryland.

The General Synod will approve the denomination’s budget and vote on some proposals that determine how the church’s national bureaucracy will be reorganized.

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Made a Way by Travis Greene. (LYRICS)


Yes ooo,  for those of us,  that love the song made way by Travis Greene but you know that particular place you don’t  know the lyric, where you will be like hummm hummm,  yeah that place, I have to you rescue with the LYRICS.
First, you should know that Made a Way by Travis Greene, off his
successful sophomore album, THE HILL
which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top
Gospel Albums chart.
Here it goes:
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Russia bans Jehovah’s Witnesses and labels group as extremists


According to theguardian
Religious organization can no longer
operate in country, supreme court rules
Headquarters and local chapters
ordered to close and property will be
Staff and agencies in Moscow
Thursday 20 April 2017 18.02 BST
Russia’s supreme court has banned the
Jehovah’s Witnesses from operating in
the country, accepting a request from
the justice ministry that the religious
organization be considered an extremist
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You Say...

Before we go into the poetic verse, Poem they say is very difficult to decoded,after reading this poem use the comment box, to tell us your understanding about the poem.


Recompense of this world

that was conceive mischief ravaged

in the belly that forgaith deceit

fetching all riches of the earth

with the absence of Gods present

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This was written by a friend of mine,I think you guyz need to read this.


Idealism, a formGodsam of humanism is one of the most deceptive and destructive disguises of the religion spirit. Idealism tries to impose standards on others that are beyond what God has requires or has given GRACE for.

An individual with the religious spirit will usually seek the perfect church and refuse to be a part of anything less.  They constantly criticize, judge, and condemn people easily based on their standard of holiness and righteousness which is not from God. These kind of people can point to problems with great accuracy but they usually offer no solutions except to tear down what has already been built. Religious spirit is a deadly spirit that takes someone outside God’s grace. Beware! Its not your job to condemn but to pray, intercede, and correct with.

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Action is the foundational key to all success.

Action is the foundational keyAlright here, I got this for you,  I have decided to write this because of you that is why you have to read it.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

In order for you to access success, you must be able to do something to achieve this aim. So the basis of getting things done is to get started because this is the password that opens the locked to success. The ability to be able to do something or make things happens is the root of getting to the top. Now when am saying “to be able to do something or make things happens” it’s not making ‘negative’ things happen but positive because when talk about success, it’s a positive achievement; I mean a true success not just that ‘so called SUCCESS’ but the real SUCCESS.

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TEST IT by Kate Loop

story test itHello, yeah its been awhile, dont worry we got you covered, well i just read this short story written by KateKate, who permitted me to share it with you guys, though short but pregnant with meanings, its not going to take your time. here we go:

The jeweler turned the stone over and over again in his hand, rubbing it, smelling it, and examining it carefully under polarized light. He wasn’t about to buy a fake stone.

Julie waited patiently. She had no idea her stone would be subjected to so many different tests! “It’s real, I tell you. I paid good money for it.”

The jeweler looked up and shook his head. “I’m sorry to hear that,” he replied. “It’s not real amber. See? Look at it in the light.” Read More »