This was written by a friend of mine,I think you guyz need to read this.


Idealism, a formGodsam of humanism is one of the most deceptive and destructive disguises of the religion spirit. Idealism tries to impose standards on others that are beyond what God has requires or has given GRACE for.

An individual with the religious spirit will usually seek the perfect church and refuse to be a part of anything less.  They constantly criticize, judge, and condemn people easily based on their standard of holiness and righteousness which is not from God. These kind of people can point to problems with great accuracy but they usually offer no solutions except to tear down what has already been built. Religious spirit is a deadly spirit that takes someone outside God’s grace. Beware! Its not your job to condemn but to pray, intercede, and correct with.


Lemme ask this question…. If the devil has

no place in heaven anymore and he doesn’t have access to God’s throne, then how is he tagged the “accuser of the brethren?” The simple answer is that he uses the saints who do have access to God’s throne to condemn and accuse each other.  When all what Christ wants is the unification of His body (The Church).

I want you to know that the gates of hell will keep on prevailing over churches but they will never prevail over the Church that have grown into the unity of faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, speaking the truth in love and growing into Jesus who is the head of the Church, from whom the whole body is joined and knit together by every joint supplies according to the effective working of every part doing its share and causing growth in the body of Christ.

How much could each of us accomplish if only 1% of our body is functioning? The degree of our fruitfulness will always depend on the strength of our union with the Vine who is Jesus Himself.

Brethren,  this is the Church the devil is afraid of and is also the Church Jesus Christ died for. Therefore, let your ministry be that of an intercessor just like Jesus and not an accuser like the devil. Peace be unto you……
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