Pastor Arrested in China for Singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’


As reported by CBN
A pastor from Taiwan was recently arrested
after leading a group of Christians in singing
the popular song, “Jesus Loves Me,” according
to an organization that works to expose
human rights abuses in China.
Pastor Xu Rongzhang was
detained in Zhengzhou, China, on Saturday,
after he joined a group in singing the popular
faith tune, according to China Aid.

“Officials stated that the song was an illegal
religious activity and detained Xu on April 15,”
the organization said in a statement posted on
its website . “They also took his identification
documents and permit to travel to mainland
China and did not return them until April 17,
even though Xu was released on the same day
that he was taken into custody.”
So far, ChinaAid has not released additional
details about the purported incident, and it is
unclear if the detainment was related to any
other potential activity or accusation not
mentioned in the statement .
A voicemail from Faithwire seeking further
comment or updates on the matter has not
yet been returned.
As The Christian Post reported , China’s
communist government has been cracking
down on the Christian faith, with five
Christians recently being sentenced for buying
and selling “forbidden Christian devotional
books,” among other related infractions.
Missionaries, too, have been targeted by the


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