7 Ways to deal with a Mountain

1. Turn around, if you can’t go forward then go
back. Numbers 14:1-4 (I pray you will never go
2. You can try and go around the mountain,
but the problem is you might not know how
big the mountain is and how long it will take
to go around it.

It took 40 years for the
children of Israel. Number 14:34
3. You can choose to climb the mountain.
climbing the mountain requires efforts.
Matthew 17:1

4. You may choose to create a tunnel through
it, once you go through it, it will still remain
behind you. Exodus 14:21-28 .
5. You may choose to blast it and turn it to
rubbles. Josuha 6:20
6. You may choose to sit on it, you can control
your problems and turn it into your strength (a
testimony). 2Kings 1:9-12 , 2Kings 4:8-12 .
7. Finally you may choose to fly over it, you
will just be looking down at it. How do I fly
over mountains? Isaiah 40:31
Is there a mountain in your life and how do
you want to deal with it. ?
Put it to JESUS today
Source here
I think I will love to fly over it, I don’t know about?  But it is not easy! But with prayer and fast, to crown it all with God all things are possible.


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