He’ll Drive out Your Enemies by Joel Osteen


In Joshua 24, the Israelites were up against
seven nations that were bigger and stronger than
they were. They had more equipment and more

The Israelites didn’t have a chance on
their own. They could have retreated and
thought, “Hey, it’s not meant to be. We’ll never
take this land.” There was no way in the natural
they could defeat their enemies, but God’s ways
are not our ways.

He said to them in verse 12, “I
sent the hornet ahead of you to drive out the
inhabitants. You didn’t have to do it with your
own sword and shield. I have given you the land
that you didn’t work for and cities that you didn’t
How did God get rid of these seven powerful
nations? Did He send in tanks or navy seals? Did
He call down the angels of heaven? No, He sent
an insect. He sent hornets ahead of them so
they didn’t have to fight.
Today, you may not see how your situation could
ever work out, but don’t worry. God has plenty of
insects! In other words, He has ways to do it that
you’ve never thought of. He may not do it in a
traditional manner. Quit trying to figure
everything out and just trust Him. He knows how
to get you to where you’re supposed to be.
The Israelites could have reasoned it out and
thought, “God, they have the latest equipment.
They have chariots. They’re trained soldiers.
We’re former slaves. We don’t have a chance.
This is not our field.” God said, “Don’t worry.
You’re not going to have to fight. I’m going
ahead of you. I’m going to level your mountains.”
God is saying the same thing to you, “Put down
your shields. Put down your swords. You’re not
going to have to worry, struggle or try to force it
to happen.” God is going ahead of you. He is
going to drive out the inhabitants that are on
your land. That means whatever is keeping you
from your health, your joy, your abundance, your
victory, that’s your land. That’s what God
promised you. I believe, right now, He’s beginning
to drive them out. You’re going to come into
your land of health and wholeness! God is driving
out sickness and disease. You’re coming into
your land of increase and promotion! He’s driving
out struggle and lack. You’re going to come into
your land of unprecedented favor. So keep
standing and believing and watch Him move
mightily on your behalf!
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