To Stretch Your Faith, Tame Your Fear! By Pastor Rick Warren


If you’re going to make a fresh start with faith in

your life, you must face your fears. Fear has an

incredible ability to paralyze our potential, to

keep us from launching out, to keep us from

having faith in our lives.

Giving into our fear makes us skeptical. We

become afraid of trying anything new when we’re


Remember the story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10

in the Bible? He faced a fear that most of us

face: the fear of rejection and disapproval.

He was blind and in need of healing. Jesus was

walking by, but Bartimaeus knew that to shout

out at Jesus in that crowd wasn’t the culturally

acceptable thing to do. He knew that people

would look down on him for it, but he was


And he knew that Jesus Christ was the only one

that could help him.

Bartimaeus shouted. And sure enough, people in

the crowd criticized him for it. When he shouted

out to Jesus, the Bible says in Mark 10:48,

“Many scolded him to get him to be quiet, but he

shouted all the more, ‘Son of David, have mercy on

me!’” (NET).

When he shouted out, everyone around said

things to him like, Don’t do that. Be quiet. Quiet

down. Don’t make a scene. Surely Jesus Christ

isn’t interested in you. He’s got more important

things to do.

The Devil whispers things like that to a lot of us.

And those kinds of thoughts often keep us from

having faith. When you see before you

the opportunity to change, to be healed, to take

another step forward in your spiritual journey, all

kinds of shouts from inside and outside of you

tell you not to rock the boat.

But here’s an important question: Whose

disapproval do you fear the most? Whoever that is,

that person is your god. That person can keep

you from having faith or invite you to have faith.

Peer pressure isn’t just for kids.

It’s possible that as you read this, God is asking

you to do something greater than you’ve ever

done before. He’s asking you to depend on him

in a way you never have before. Of course it’s a

little scary.

Here’s my encouragement: Tame your fear and

move out in faith!

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