Falling from above

What’s up guys, I was reading through the pages of my note and I found this poem of mine, dated July 13, 2013. Almost four years ago, so I decided to share it with you guys unedited, don’t laugh at the use of words; it’s not bad though but read between the lines to learn folks.

Here its goes:


The most famous in the globe

Heaven is your abode

You enter market and scatter every where

We know your days to be wet

Your arrival changes the whether

Sometimes you give us thunderous and dark warning

When you arrive, you have arrive

But sometimes you forget to do so

And appear unexpected

You don’t grant permission from anybody


Sometimes you gave us notice and you don’t arrive

Though it’s the work God grant you

You we land and even don’t wet neighboring lands

Thy appearance bring us cold

Your presence makes us run here and there

In your presence erosion takes place

Thy presence germinate plants and ebony trees

Your arrival change decision of men

There is ability to visit and suddenly disappear

You even visit unwavering and stay for days


When you have arrive you have arrive

No one cans send you back

You don’t know the crowns

You see not he suites

No respect for the churches

You are blind to the rich and the poor, little, aged

The court can’t judge you

When you have arrive you have arrive

I name you Random atmospheric in Nature

Because you wet all things


When you arrive, you have arrive

Increase heavily, decrease steadily

Taking roofs and bring forth water

You water is appreciated for domestic use

After all you send your rival to dry and warm us.


That’s it, what your take on that? use the comment box below.



3 thoughts on “FALLING FROM ABOVE

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