Good, better, best, never let it rest till your
good is better and your better is best.
The quote up there may look very simple but it
has this element of hidden message(s), Okay,
let’s start from this, before you can achieve the
message the quote is disseminating then you
have to follow the steps, oh you are asking

which step? The quote of course, it’s ladder you
have to climb before you can get to the top. Do
you get that?
Now let’s take the step one after the other
before I proceed with the steps let me quickly
tell you that you must focus on these three
words GOOD, BETTER, BEST i.e. These words
must be your priority, which we lead us to the
First, GOOD before you can be good then you
shouldn’t try to be BAD, if you can achieve that,
then this quote is achievable for you, that is why
I said earlier that it is ladder and the first step
on the ladder is good, if you are on that then
you are good to go though you are not at the
top yet but you are NOT BAD but for you to not
to be called not bad that means you must try to
move to the next step on the ladder that is why
the quote says “never let it rest” from GOOD
which is NOT BAD to BETTER and that links us
to the next step better.
BETTER, for you to be BETTER that means you
have passed the level of been good, just like
from beginner to intermediate which simply
means someone might be good but you are
better. Though you are not top yet but you are
VERY GOOD, that doesn’t means you should
relax because there is someone VERY VERY
GOOD out there, and for you to be VERY VERY
GOOD then you must move to the next which is
Hmmmm BEST, the last step is you may ask,
when you are in this stage then you are at the
top, trust me you are the boss here because
you are have moved from GOOD to BETTER
then to BEST, which simply means you not a
option. Well this quote is applicable in
everything you do academics, work, name it
anything but it is left for you to choose the
aspect you want to be BEST at, is it Negative or
Positive. Don’t forget that people usually say
this one is good but this is better while this is
the best among all. But you still have to
maintain that spot of been the best “never let it
rest” or else someone will overtake you and
your dropping might be bad especially when you
are the negative underpinning when might turn
from best to worse.
So just try to be GOOD and the your GOOD be
BETTER and your better is BEST.PEACE!
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One thought on “NEVER LET IT REST!

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