Top 10 Bible-Minded Cities in US for 2017 Revealed


How do Americans from each region
interact with the Bible? A study by Barna
Group explores the faith profile of 131
cities to identify the top 10 most Bible-
minded cities as well as the least Bible-
minded cities in 2017.
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DID YOU KNOW : Some Places in the Bible?




Meaning: servile; servitude / Hebrew: “Abdown.”

The name of four biblical men and one city:

1.     The son of Hillel, a Pirathonite, the tenth judge of Israel (Judg. 12:13-15). He is probably the Bedan of 1 Sam. 12:11.

2.     The first-born of Gibeon of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:30; 9:36). King Saul was his nephew.Read More »

Amusement Park Turned Upside Down with Praise as KingsFest Comes to Town


DOSWELL, Va. — Nothing quite says summer
like a trip to the amusement park.
There are games, roller coasters and food;
what more could you ask?
Seeing dozens of young people shouting with
their hands lifted is pretty common here at
Kings Dominion amusement park.
But for three days out of the year, those
shouts are shouts of praise and those hands
are lifted in worship.
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Enabling GRACE


Hey yo,

There is this thing I want to share with everyone, my lecturer said something in class, yes my lecturer, I’m still a student and before I proceed you guys should put me in your prayer, I will tell you the reason later because it is related to what I’m about to share.Read More »