It’s Time to Wake Up!


It’s Time to Wake Up!
by Joel Osteen
There’s a scripture in the book of Joel that says,
“Wake up!” It’s saying that it’s time to wake up
to all that God has placed inside of you. It’s time
to wake up to your passion and get your hopes

up! I believe you are closer to seeing your
dreams come to pass than you ever have been.

You are closer to meeting the right person, you
are closer to seeing that breakthrough, and you
are closer to that next level. My question is, are
you awake? Can you see it? Do you recognize
that it’s high time for things to turn around?
The opposite of high time, of course, is low time.
Some people live with a low-time mentality. “I
never get any good breaks. My boss doesn’t like
me. I’ll never get back in shape. I’ve struggled
my whole life. I’ll never get my business off the
ground. Nobody in my family is successful.”
As long as you have a low-time mentality, it will
keep you from rising higher. It’s time to turn your
thoughts around and focus on your future. Get
into agreement with God. Say, “Father, thank You
that this is my time! I believe I’m close to my
If somebody asks you how you’re doing, don’t tell
them all the reasons why things are falling apart.
Did you know you can talk yourself into defeat?
Instead, wake up to a high-time mentality. You
might say, “Yes, I haven’t been feeling well, but I
know I’m close to my healing. I’m close to the
“You’re still single?”
“Yes, but I’m not worried. I’m close to meeting
the right person. He may show up today. I could
meet her tomorrow.”
“You’re still at that same position in your
“Yes, but I know a secret. I’m in high time. I’m
close to favor. I’m close to promotion. I’m close
to stepping up to a new level of my destiny.”
Today, don’t fall asleep in mediocrity. Don’t let
discouragement sink in. Instead, wake up to
God’s goodness. Wake up to His grace! Wake up
to all that God has for you because that’s when
you’ll see it come to pass!


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