Fake people are like shadow, you will see them when there is sun, but when it gets dark they will disappear. (Cont.)

Fake people.jpg


As I promised yesterday this is the concluding part of the article, if you didn’t read the first part, you’ve missed a lot but don’t worry I gat you covered. Click to read the first part.

What I’m trying to tell you is that ’no matter how original your fake is you can never get away with, if the world doesn’t know that you are fake, you know what your are!.

There is no more sun to show your fakery, it vanishes. May be you wait till the sun comes and then your shadow project. That means you have to hide under something before you can be fake, but tell how long do you want to hide? You keep deceiving people and you know that you shadow can never stand to the test of time.

But it’s never too late for you to change no matter how original you fake is, just like apostle Peter, he pretended to be fake in Matthew 26:73 because he can’t stand to the test of time, after he realized his mistake, he took the courage to show who he was in Acts 1:15-16 and the never regretted it.

But if you insist you want to stick with your original fake, remember Apostle Judas Iscariot, who pretended to be among the heir of Jesus but eventually betrayed him because the sun has gone and dark has come, he can’t stand to the test of time in John 18: 2-5. Who eventually committed suicide all because he was fake and not ready to change by not forgiving himself?

If you are reading this and you want to change, forgive yourself first before considering the forgiveness of other people that you might have deceived. Turn into a better person and be an original, original person.

Anytime you lie, always have it at the back of your mind that you have pretended to be what you are not and that is FAKE!



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