Mosul: ISIS Using Thousands of Children as Human Shields


Some 100,000
children may be
trapped in Mosul
and the Islamic State group may be trying to
use them as human shields, according to the
United Nations’ children’s fund.
“We are receiving alarming reports of
civilians including several children being
killed in west Mosul.

Some were reportedly
killed as they desperately tried to flee the
fighting which is intensifying by the hour,”
UNICEF’s representative in Iraq, Peter
Hawkins, said in a statement this week.
“Children’s lives are on the line. Children are
being killed, injured and use:d as human
shields. Children are experiencing and
witnessing terrible violence that no human
being should ever witness. In some cases,
they have been forced to participate in the
fighting and violence.”
Coalition troops are trying to retake the city
from ISIS control, but the fighting has put
many civilians in harm’s way.
“As the fighting continues, UNICEF calls on
all parties in west Mosul to protect children
and keep them out of harm’s way at all
times, in line with their obligations under
humanitarian law,” Hawkins added.
Meanwhile, CNN says Mosul is a “hell we
cannot even begin to imagine.”
“There is no past blueprint for this war, no
one has fought an enemy like ISIS holding
civilians hostage in this type of a dense
urban battlefield. There are no words to
comfort those who survive,” CNN reported.
Christian Headline


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