‘Green Pastures’


lets take a look of what the first and second
part B of the Psalm 23 really says.
Here:our focus will be on …’Green Pastures’

The question I want to ask you all is that what
do we need to be in Green Pastures and God
has rightly promised us. Because been in the
Pastures depend on us and not us. the Psalmist
said in the beginning of this chapter that the
Lord is my Shepherd;

I shall not want, definitely
for us to be in the Green Pastures the Lord has
make for us, you and me as person need to
make the Lord our shepherd.
Now who is a shepherd? A shepherd is a person
who tends to guide, feed, protect a sheep and
we making God our shepherd we must first be
is his sheep because if we don’t submit
ourselves to him, he cannot be our shepherd for
you to be in green Pastures of God then be his
How Do you be his sheep? is by accepting
Jesus has your Lord and personal saviour and
from there you get started. Are you ready now,
tomorrow my be too late.
…. and for you that already born again, are we
really in the green pastures go want you to be?
if no check you steps, where you have missed
and redirect back to Jesus to take over and
study the Bible to get the direction from God.
That your pathway to Green Pastures.
Some of the benefits await you in green
pastures include: Positive growth in your doings,
you will never lack anything good and also
Fruitfulness my Pastor said something about
fruitfulness last week Sunday that if your are
not fruitful, you can never be blessed because
there won’t be any way for you to produce that
blessing God has giving.
So therefore, In green pastures you will always
be fruitful.
Stay blessed.

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