Christian Girl Abducted by ISIS Reunited with Parents after 3 Years


After almost three
years in captivity, an
Iraqi Christian girl abducted by the Islamic
State in August 2014 has finally been
reunited with her parents.

Christina Abada, who is about to celebrate
her sixth birthday, was welcomed home at
around 10am this morning, local time. Locals
say she was released by the Iraqi Special
“It is a very happy moment; everybody is
dancing and clapping and singing,” one
Christian woman told a World Watch Monitor
contact from the Ashti refugee camp, near
Erbil, where her parents have lived for the
past two years.
“She looks OK, quite healthy. I believe she
must have been in the house of a family
who took good care of her. She was even
wearing gold earrings, so it must have been
a wealthy family,” she added.
But there was one note of caution.
“Although everybody was very happy, it was
also sad to see that Christina herself is in
shock about all the people around her,” the
woman said. “Everybody is asking questions
and speaking to her, but she does not say
anything back, really. She also seems to be
overwhelmed by the huge crowd of people
welcoming her.”
In the below clip, posted on Twitter by local
journalist Steven Nabil, Christina’s mother
thanks people around the world for praying
for them, and praises God that Christina is
now home.
A historical moment Kristina the christian
girl kidnapped by #isis in 2014 is
reuniting right now with her family afterc
beeing liberated
— Steven nabil (@thestevennabil) June 9,
Source:Christian Headline


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