Amusement Park Turned Upside Down with Praise as KingsFest Comes to Town


DOSWELL, Va. — Nothing quite says summer
like a trip to the amusement park.
There are games, roller coasters and food;
what more could you ask?
Seeing dozens of young people shouting with
their hands lifted is pretty common here at
Kings Dominion amusement park.
But for three days out of the year, those
shouts are shouts of praise and those hands
are lifted in worship.

The annual KingsFest brings contemporary
Christian musicians from around the world to
the heart of Virginia for days of celebration.
“KingsFest is meant to develop relationships
between adults and youth through Christian
music in a secular environment,” said
spokesperson Jordan Lobbestael.
Household names in music, like Love and The
Outcome, TobyMac and Sidewalk Prophets
took over the stage, gathering crowds from
across the country.
Christian hip-hop artist Mr. Talkbox has
emceed the event the past two years and told
CBN News there’s nothing like it.
“I would say it’s the people. They are coming
reaching for something. A lot of people come
here with a lot of burdens and I feel like I am
a part of something bigger than just myself,”
he reflected.
Talkbox, who has traveled the country and
collaborated with other Christian artists such
as TobyMac, says his generation owes a great
deal to the one behind them.
He said he pays it forward and encourages
the young people he meets to do one thing…
“My message to them is do it to the full. Do it
unto the glory of God because God is the one
that’s going to promote us. I could have never
arranged working with TobyMac or working
with Bruno Mars,” he explained.
“The Bible says let your light shine. That’s my
favorite scripture Matt 5:16. Let your line
shine before men so they may see it and so
that God will be glorified. That’s my message,”
he continued.
KingsFest organizers say it’s about more than
three days of concerts. They say they’ve seen
the power of the festival with their own eyes.
“One of the most amazing moments I have
seen is actually through my own youth group.
I’ve seen these kids come together and bond
in a way they have never bonded before. The
young ones are taken under by the older ones
and they love on each and they grow in the
Lord through worship,” said Lobbestael.
It’s a tradition 19 years strong and binding
together generations for the common purpose
of praise.
Source from Cbnnews


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