Enabling GRACE


Hey yo,

There is this thing I want to share with everyone, my lecturer said something in class, yes my lecturer, I’m still a student and before I proceed you guys should put me in your prayer, I will tell you the reason later because it is related to what I’m about to share.

It is a new semester and my lecturer was telling us our performance last semester and also giving us the introductory message to the new semester during that period he said we need to buy books, read and do so many things. He then said what we need to ask God is the enabling grace to do whatever we are asked to do in class and school generally.  These words struck me the enabling grace to do whatever we need to do and I think it doesn’t apply to the students alone but all of us.

That we all need the enabling grace to do whatever we need to do as an individual (Positively) because that is the only thing we need, when the enabling grace is available to us:

  • We will have the zeal to do that thing
  • There will be provision of resources needed to do that thing
  • There will be a good environment/platform to do that thing
  • What we want to do will be a lot easier
  • Above all God is in charge of that thing we want to do because he gives the grace.

We should all know that God cannot back negative/evil doers, so if you want the enabling grace there should be a positive motive behind it. Dear friend, anytime you feel you want to do something and there is this stumbling block, no matter how many or how big the blocks are, all you need to do is to ask God for the enabling grace to do that thing.

It is not when you start shouting and using your noise to disturb is when you’ve prayed but sincere prayer from that heart is what God gives amen to. I don’t know that you want to achieve, but I know one thing, the enabling grace will help you achieve it.

And finally I said I’m gonna need you guys to be praying for me for the enabling grace to succeed in my academics and at the same time keep writing on this blog because there are many  things that my hinder me from posting, most especially the availability of resources. But with the enabling grace, there will be provision for it.


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