Top 10 Bible-Minded Cities in US for 2017 Revealed


How do Americans from each region
interact with the Bible? A study by Barna
Group explores the faith profile of 131
cities to identify the top 10 most Bible-
minded cities as well as the least Bible-
minded cities in 2017.

Barna’s annual Bible-Minded Cities
report , in partnership with American
Bible Society, is based on interviews
with 76,505 adults over a 10-year period.
And it found that Chattanooga in
Tennessee is the most Bible-minded city
in America, for the second year in a row.
The evangelical polling organization
determined “Bible-mindedness” by
asking the respondents how regular they
are in reading the Bible and what they
think of its accuracy. Based on the
results, the group found that 50 percent
of the population of Chattanooga is
Birmingham, Anniston and Tuscaloosa
in Alabama have taken the second spot,
with 49 percent. In 2015, these cities had
the first spot.
Roanoke and Lynchburg in Virginia,
with 48 percent, are the third most Bible-
Then it’s back to Tennessee, with the Tri-
Cities area, also around 48 percent,
coming in at fourth place.
Shreveport in Louisiana (47 percent) has
taken fifth place.
The next five are also from the Southern
“Bible belt.” They include Charlotte in
North Carolina (46 percent); Springfield
in Missouri (46 percent); Little Rock and
Pine Bluff in Arkansas (44 percent);
Knoxville in Tennessee (44 percent);
Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson
in South Carolina and Asheville in North
Carolina (44 percent).
Which are the least Bible-minded cities
in America?
Albany, Schenectady and Troy in New
York with only about 10 percent of their
populations being Bible-minded is at the
top of that list for the second year in a
The New England area takes the second
and third positions, with Boston in
Massachusetts and Manchester in New
Hampshire at 11 percent.
Providence in Rhode Island and New
Bedford in Massachusetts with 12
percent are close behind.
Visit our
Cedar Rapids and Waterloo in Iowa, at
14 percent, is the only Midwest city in
the top five least Bible-minded cities,
slightly ahead of another New York state
contender, Buffalo at 14 percent.
The East coast and the West make up the
remainder of the top 10 spots, including
Las Vegas in Nevada (around 14
percent); San Francisco, Oakland and
San Jose in California (15 percent);
Hartford and New Haven in Connecticut
(16 percent); Salt Lake City in Utah (17
percent); then back to New York with the
biggest American city New York (17
percent) sliding into tenth place.
Nationally, only 25 percent of the
population is considered Bible-minded,
according to Barna. Individuals
considered to be Bible-minded are those
who report reading the Bible in the past
week and who strongly assert the Bible is
accurate in the principles it teaches.
“This definition captures action and
attitude — those who both engage and
esteem the Christian scriptures. The
rankings thus reflect an overall openness
or resistance to the Bible in various U.S.
Barna recently also released
data revealing which of America’s cities
are the most “churched,” “unchurched,”
“dechurched” and “post-Christian.”
Source from Christian Post


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