Professor Yemi Osinbajo on Church Money!


This is coming from the Acting President of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo on Church receiving stolen money.
According to him, “Every time that we come to
church, we are told about giving. But we need
to talk more about honesty. We need to talk
far more about honesty. In the same way we
talk about giving, we need to talk more about
honesty because just like His Eminence said,
Nigeria’s great problem is not the absence of

It is as he so eloquently put it, that
we have enough for our needs but we don’t
have enough for our greed.
“The greed of many is what has landed this
country where it is today. It is the greed of so
many; many who have been placed in position
of authority. It is their greed that has landed
us where we are, where it is difficult to do the
sorts of things His Eminence saw in
Washington and so many other places. You
cannot steal half of the resources of the
country and expect to build the sort of things
you see in other places.
“Many would say the reason why they steal is
because they want to have an arsenal for
future political exploits. It is a lie. It is greed.
In any case, even if you want to do that, you
have no right to do it.
“And if the church says you are not allowed to
steal and we will ostracise you in our midst if
you did. If what a man has does not measure
up to what he has, if we found that a man has
more money than he should have, if a man is
earning a salary of a civil servant or a public
servant and he has houses everywhere, we
have to hold him to account. But he must be
held to account in the church.
“He must be told first in the church we will
not allow you here. If the church says we will
not accept you here or that we will expose you
if you are stealing the resources of the
country or stealing the resources of a private
company or other establishment where you
work, then we would not have the type of
problem that we have in this country. If only
the church does so. Just the church.
“Just as Christian fathers today, it is our duty
as God spoke concerning Abraham in Genesis
18:19, it is our duty to build up a generation of
righteous men and women, a nation of just
men and women who fear God and puts God
above everything else. And I believe that the
Almighty God will help us. I just pray that the
Father of fathers, the One who has called us,
one who has saved us will bless each and
every father here today in the mighty name of
Jesus. The Almighty God who is the great
Father of all fathers will ensure that we get
everything we need to make our families, to
make communities truly great and to make our
nation great.”
Supporting his admonition with the Biblical
quotations, the Acting President said, “ In
Genesis 18:19. God was speaking about
Abraham. And God said he had known him or
called him in order that he may command his
children and his household after him that they
keep the way of the Lord with righteousness
and justice that the Lord may bring to
Abraham what He had spoken to him.
“In other words, God was saying that He called
Abraham, in particular, because he realizes
that Abraham will command his household, will
command his children to do righteousness and
justice and to fear God. And if you back this
up with Genesis 12:2, God has spoken
concerning Abraham, that He will make
Abraham a great nation. Genesis 12:3 says,
God said, I will make you a great nation.
“In other words, the role of the father is
supposed to be that of building nations,
building generations. And Abraham is the
example God set for us; of a man who God
wanted to be the exemplar of the type of
conduct that God expects of fatherhood; a
man who will teach his children and children
thereafter the way of righteousness and
justice and the way of fear of God.
Source from Vanguardng


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