DID YOU KNOW Some Bible Facts?


1 – The Writing of the Bible
The Bible was written over a 1600 year period by
approximately 40 men. The time of the writing
was from 1500 BC to AD 100.

2 – The Divisions of the Bible
While the Bible is 1 book, it contain 66 smaller
books. The books of the Old Testament were
written before the birth of Jesus Christ and the
New Testament covers the life of Christ and
3 – Chapters and Verses
Each of the books, except 5, are divided into
chapters and verses. The 5 which aren’t divided
by chapters are Obadiah, Philemon, 2 John, 3
John, and Jude. These are short books which
only have verse divisions.
Chapters were introduced to the Bible in 1238 by
Cardinal Hugo de S. Caro. Verse divisions were
not added until 1551 by Robertus Stephanus.
4 – The Longest and Shortest of the Bible
The longest chapter if the Bible is Psalm 119
with 176 verses. The shortest chapter is Psalm
117 with only 2 verses. Incidentally, the middle
chapter of the Bible is also Psalm 117.
The longest book of the Bible is Psalms with 150
chapters, or psalms. It contains 43,743 words.
The shortest book is 3 John with only 1 chapter
and 299 words.
The longest verse in the Bible is Esther 8:9 with
90 words. The shortest verse is John 11:35 with
only 2 words, “Jesus wept.”
5 – The Bible is God’s Word
There are many books written about and by
various religions. But the Bible is the only one
which includes the actual words of God. Those
who believe the Bible also believe that God
inspired various people through the years to
write down His actual words for mankind. The
Bible says more than 3,000 times “thus saith the
Lord.” And the words which follow are quotes
from God.

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