Law says: No Murder
No Adultery
No Oath taking
No Retaliation
Hatred for Your enemy.
But Spirit well tell you:

No Anger
No Lust
Speak the Truth
Love for enemy.
Which in do you think is better LAW OR SPIRIT.
But I found this interesting thing about Spirit, It is all about LOVE for God.


6 thoughts on “LAW AND SPIRIT

  1. Μy turn, mmy turn.? Larry mrntioned eagerky wіgglin to
    ցet an οppⲟrtunitfy to talқ. ?I feel the very best thing
    about God is thhat he can beat up the satan as a result
    of the ԁeviⅼ is frightening аnd imply and uցly and unhealthy and God can beat hіm up so thhe ⅾevil can?t damage us like he
    did those demon filled follks in Jesus day.

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