When I mean dead bones, that means there are bones that are not dead, right?
Ezekiel was a priest and a prophet of his own time in whom God has sent to the people, who have transgressed against Him. Ezekiel 1:3, 2:3.

How does it happen? Well this miracle came to manifestation because of the; first, involvement of God. Anything that God is involved is also solved. Why? Because he is the Almighty, who can do and undo. Lamentation 2:13, Gen 17:1, that is why he is God Lev. 20:7 and he change not Malachi 3:6.
Secondly, Ezekiel allowed and submitted himself to be used by God. So therefore we shall examine the two parties that carried out this surgical operation.
God: Like I said earlier he is Almighty, powerful and miraculous, the creator of heaven and the earth, he has the sufficient power to do all things. He does signs and wonders through men and that is what brought the second party in, Prophet Ezekiel. Before he was used for the signs and wonders, he possessed some qualities. Let’s examine some of the qualities;
Ezekiel: was able to do the job because: He was chosen by God, that is why God’s hand was upon him Ezekiel 37:1, because Jesus was chosen to save the world, he was confirmed in Matthew 3:17, likewise Moses was chosen to save the people of Israel. All these people were chosen one way or the other by God for His assignment because he knows their capability. God will never give what is beyond your capability. But you must be ready to be chosen by him.
For you to bring dead bones alive; make thing happen, the Holy Spirit must be in you because you can’t do things of the supernatural in the natural realm. Act 2:4, 1cor. 2:13. The power of Holy Ghost make you operate in that are not seen in the physical. Everything in supernatural realm is taken care of before manifestation in the physical. The power Holy Ghost makes God to communicate to you about things that are not seen.
We must therefore understand that dead bones can be seen as anything dead in our lives be it spiritual, financial, academics, health and many other things that is affecting us.
When God open your eyes to something, he shows clearly and gives you circumstances around that particular issue. Gen 15:5
God doesn’t ask question because he doesn’t know the answer but sometimes he will ask, to open your eyes to something or to test your faith, just as he asked Ezekiel in 37 :4.  So therefore you dead bone can come alive! You need to exercise some faith. Heb 11:1, 5,6.  And prophet Ezekiel doesn’t disappointed God by replying that it is only God that can do and undo, which means with God all things are possible.
Because of the Faith he exercised, God commanded him and gave him the authority to prophesy to the bones and it’s done. You see, if you don’t talk with your mouth and exercise the authority God has given, you dead bones will remain dead!  Shalom! .         



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