The truth is Ageless,
The truth is Solid,
The truth is eternal,
The truth is Priceless,
The truth is Motionless,
The truth is ever,

The truth is Singleness,
The truth is the truth,
The truth is not the truth,
The truth is YOU,
The truth, is a choice not a chance,

The truth crieth in the streets,
Visible with evidence to see,
And no shackles of scratches to dim it title,
The truth is the truth,
He listen, to every one,
He says his words, no body listen,
They called, he answered,
He called they nod NO,
He twinkle none ever notice,
He yell, none care,
He finally fell, none still to care,
Here is the truth. He says;
It’s a choice, not a chance institution,

He cause no argument, for he as peaceful as water,
And gentle as dove,
The man of the Men,
The truth is sour in the ears of his enemies,
He bringeth words,not of his own,
He sleep with men, and they took it as pleasure,
He was bind!

The truth is Gone,
The truth cometh in a dim of time,

The truth has become the ruth of dilemmas,
That has brought about Phobia,
And made us hinder the answers,
Necessary to confront the terror,
His lovers abide with him,
He became a central for motion that cause demoralisation,
Of them that see him not as the Truth,
But the Truth is ever the truth,
It’s a Choice, not a chance..
Here it’s!


#Durotoye OPEYEMI,


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