BOOK REVIEW: The Human Spirit by Kenneth E. Hagin


This is Volume 2 of the Spirit, Soul, and Body Series, the volume one is titled Man on Three Dimensions, Hope you guys has read the book? Click here for the Review.

If you have done so I know you can’t wait to lay your hands on this one also.
The author started by telling us how to develop the Spirit Nature, he said “man’s spirit can be educated and improved just as the mind can be educated and improved. The spirit can be trained and built up just as the body can be built up. How? Through the study of God’s Word”. 
He also gave us certain reasons why the death of man is different from any other animals, animals are not spirit they only have soul and body so when they died that is the end but when man dies that is not the end because he possess the eternal spirit.
One of the ways to develop our Spirit is by renewing our minds with the word of God. He furthered by explaining how to develop the human spirit in subsequent chapters by Meditate in the Word of God, Practice the Word of God, Give First Place to the Word of God, Obey the Voice of Your Spirit.

The book has 5 chapters and about 30 pages. In case you want the e-book, go to contact on menu and fill the form or you can send Whatsapp this number +2348137435280 using Acity: Man The Human Spirit e-book.


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