Four Years After, Christian Convert Released From Prison In Iran


A Christian convert from Islam has been
released from prison in Iran where she had
been held for four years.

Mission Network News reports that Maryam
Nagash Zargaran was charged with being a
danger to national security and imprisoned
four years ago.
She was kept in Iran’s Evin Prison, which is
known for its harsh conditions. This was the
same prison where Saeed Abedini was kept.
A spokesperson for Global Catalytic
Ministries commented on the prison’s
abysmal conditions:
“Historically when people have come out of
that particular prison, it literally takes them
months to recover physically — partly due to
torture and beatings, but also because of
just the lack of sanitary conditions and then
the food, etc. It’s a tough place to come out
Zargaran was in poor health before being
imprisoned, but now that she has been
released, her physical ailments are revealed
to be even worse. She was reportedly beaten
in the prison–once until her leg was broken.
She also has suffered mentally.
In addition to these hardships, Zargaran
engaged in hunger strikes to protest her
unjust imprisonment.
Another spokesperson for GCM said that
Zargaran’s case, although horrific, is
unfortunately not unique. Christians in Iran
often suffer persecution in the forms of
discrimination, torture, imprisonment, and
sometimes death.

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