‘I Felt My Spirit Break Free from My Body’: Doctor Who Went to Heaven Says God’s ‘Exploding’ Love Changed Her for Eternity

Dr. Mary Neal is an orthopedic surgeon who shares her medical practice and her love for outdoor adventure with her husband Bill.

In 1999 they planned an adventure that took Mary on a spiritual journey few have taken and returned to talk about.
“My husband and I really enjoy kayaking. We enjoy traveling. We speak Spanish. We’ve traveled internationally a number of times. So for my husband’s birthday I said, ‘OK this is the year we are going to do it.’ So we went to Chili for a vacation to kayak.”
After a week of kayaking, Bill sat out the final day with a sore back. Mary and the rest of their group kayaked through a treacherous stretch of the river.

“This is a section of river that is very well known for its waterfalls. These are drops of 10 to 15 feet, 20 feet maybe, which for an experienced kayaker is not a crazy thing. I went over the main drop and as I crested over the drop I could see the tremendous turbulence and tremendous volume.”
“As I hit the bottom of the drop, the front end of my boat became pinned. I and my boat were immediately and completely submerged. The volume and the force of the water was such that I was absolutely pressed to the front deck of the boat and I couldn’t move my arms far enough back to reach my spray skirt let alone push myself out.” Read more @ CBNews

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