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It got to a point in my life that I began to picture myself as a failure, I began to reason that good things can’t be done by me, I was depressed, my heart was always crying thinking if I still had some hopes left, but guess what! I was struck by the HolySpirit with these words

“You are not a failure but a success, not just that but also SPECIAL”
The word SPECIAL strucked me deeper and brought a light, a light darkness could not comprehend and that was the end of oppression.
So listen to this, I mean you reading this now that no matter what you face, you are special. God has created you in a special way not just that but have given you the power to dominate every creatures. Gen 1:26-28
It is now time to wake up from your sleep and begin to unravel the things that the Lord has given you to dominate.
1peter 2:9a attest to the fact that you are special “But you are a chosen generation,a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people”.
Don’t be limited by your mind, explore the beautiful you, there is something so beautiful hiding in you so it high time to pull off that ugly being that is delimiting you and make awake the beautiful you.
Pro 23vs7 says “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”
This verse got me like a wind and swept me off my feet because those times when things don’t work out for me, I get frustrated, felt like giving up but as soon as I got the light, I said enough is enough; I can’t let this deadly thought rule and determine my future.
This is also what I want you to hold, that that bad thought can’t rule your life. My friend, know that your mind can’t be controlled by the devil but you, I mean your person gets your mind controlled. So stand up and dust yourself from where you are, pick up the pieces and fix them. You will notice they won’t be smooth but keep pressing on because every prize demands a press.

To be continued….

Modupe fadairo


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