Moving Chapel Out on the Field to Harvest Souls.

A Virginia minister wanted to do something big and ended up going small.
“I stumbled upon the tiny house movement,” said Rev. Bil Malbon.
Malbon took that idea and designed a tiny chapel. The 100 square-foot space comes complete with a vaulted ceiling, solid oak floors and gothic windows.
“I always knew I wanted it to be the old country church, I wanted it to be recognizable right away,” said Malbon.

In order to share God’s message nationwide, he took his chapel on the road.
“It’s a challenge pulling anything that weighs 10,000 pounds,” he said. “First they do a double take, is that a house he’s pulling?”
The traveling tiny chapel has landed Malbon weddings across the country. He’s pulled the chapel to Chicago, Pennsylvania and up the East Coast offering affordable ceremonies that run as little as $100.
“I tell couples all the time that I want them married to each other and not married to debt,” Malbon said.
That’s where this church rolls in, to help couples tie the knot and spread the gospel one mile at a time.
“You don’t need the building, we are the church” Malbon said.
The tiny chapel is generating buzz right here in Virginia with upcoming planned stops in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Source: CBNews

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