YOU ARE BORN SPECIAL (concluding part)


On a final note, it is also important to know that you will give an  account of the gifts God has given you to use on earth, so if you fail to locate it what shall you give accounts for?

Let briefly take a look at luke 19:12-27

It is a parable that talks about a nobleman who was in a far country. Before going, he called his servants and gave them ten pounds and told them to trade with it till he comes. On his return, he assembled his servant and asked them what they have done with it and the first servant said “master, I  made ten pounds in return, the second servant five pounds in return while the third servant never invested his but buried it and his master cursed him and took it from him to give the one with ten pounds.
To buttress this verse, the master here was God and we are His servant.  Therefore,  every gift given to us by God is to birth double. So, stand up and get into the realm of reproduction,discover that gifts God has given you and don’t be like the third servant who rendered his gift useless. The servant  was so foolish in his thought and in harbouring the fear that his master has an austere mind forgetting what God has said about him in 2tim 1:7 ” For He has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a soundmind”
“Sound mind” He said not a fragile, negative and pessimistic mind but sound.  To be sound means to be vibrant, strong, active, always full of energy.
A sister in faith do say  people’s destiny are tied to your destiny. So how will you set those people’s destiny when you don’t know your bearing yet. My dear it time to change the baton, take charge,be in control,release those peoples destiny by operating in the realm of your great gift.
It is time to shout I CAN DO IT
The world can’t wait to see you shine and soar
Prayer point:
Thank you Lord for making me realise how special I am and the great gift you have given me; Lord I ask for the Grace to locate that wonderful gift and the Grace to use it well for your Glory.
Meet the Writer Modupe Fadiro


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