DID YOU KNOW;This fact about Bible?

1. The Bible was written by people from diverse occupational backgrounds Parts of the Bible were written by kings. Half of the Psalms, a good chunk of Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes seem to be penned by royalty.

But other parts of the Bible are written by farmers, fishermen, a tentmaker, homeless prophets, a doctor, a professional scribe, vocational musicians, pastors, etc. 2. The books of the Old Testament are arranged differently in Judaism The English Bibles we use group the books of the Bible loosely by type of literature. So in the Old Testament, you have the books of law first, then books about Israel’s history in the promised land, then books of wisdom and poetry, then books by the prophets. But the Old Testament isn’t always arranged this way. For example, in Judaism’s Hebrew Bible, the books of law come first (the Torah), followed by the former and latter prophets (a blend of prophets and history), followed by “the writings” (a blend poetry, history, and prophetic books). In this arrangement, the last book is Chronicles, not Malachi. 3. There are at least 185 songs in the Bible About 150 of these are in the book of Psalms. (I say “about” because there’s some debate as to whether a few of the separate Psalms were originally meant to be sung as one.) But throughout both the Old and New Testaments, people will sing songs about God or the events around them. And 185 is a bare minimum—that’s only if you count the portions of Scripture that are specifically labelled as “song,” “psalm,” “dirge,” or “chant.” You can see the list (and infographic) here . 4. Some of the “First” and “Second” books were divided after they were written I mentioned in the first Fact #3 that if the books of 1 & 2 Kings were combined, they would be the longest book of the Bible. I bring that up because 1 & 2 Kings were originally written as one book. The same goes for 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Chronicles. Why did these books get split? Because in the old days, they couldn’t print massive tomes for each book of the Bible. It was hard to fit the very lengthy works on one scroll—and even if the scroll was big enough for all that content, it would be too heavy to manage. So they broke some of the longer books down into two volumes. So the book of 2 Samuel is really more like the book of Samuel, part two. 5. Only one NT book’s authorship is unknown Several books of the Old Testament were written by people unnamed. Tradition doesn’t identify the authors of Joshua–Kings, Esther, or Job. Plus, many of the books with traditional authors assigned to them were likely penned and edited by other people. For example, while Jonah is the traditional author of Jonah, there’s a good case to be made that some later scribe wrote this satire of the compassionate God, the rebellious prophet, and the repentant cows.

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