Yuletide Season: Why is December Special to You?


Okay, let me start by saying Happy New month, the very last month in the year 2017!  Wow! Glory to God!
But you know what ?

My Friend and I were discussing earlier and we concluded that when December comes the atmosphere will change, there is this kind of Atmospheric December, Do you think that’s true? some people think December is a very special month, so there is a need to celebrate, they will even go further by saying ; it is the last month of the year, while some will say it is the month Jesus was born, it is their birthday, it their anniversary some even said jokingly that it the month where an Igbo man (a tribe is Nigeria) squander all the money he made since January, Igbo in the house shout Hallelujah , it is this and it is that, So on and on like that.
So this season has been a festive period but did you know some people don’t even know the exact reason, they just follow the multitude and celebrate, but you as an individual Why is December Special to you?
We want  genuine reason (s), we don’t want to hear because it is when Jesus was born, so if that why you are celebrating, then How does His birth affects your life? That is the kind of reason We want.
Moreover, First ten people with the best geninue reasons will get a prize of customized Christmas designed template and also feature on the Aphorism City Christmas LUMINARIES of the year!. Which kick starts on the 20th of December.
Use the comment box below to tell us your reason.

Note: If you are picked you will get a reply to send us your picture, if needed to aphorismcity@gmail.com for the customized Christmas template.

5 thoughts on “Yuletide Season: Why is December Special to You?

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  2. December feels like every other month to me. I know Jesus wasn’t born in December so there’s no special attachment to it for me except for public holidays that would be given for me to rest.


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