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When Jesus wanted to pay tribute to the tax collector, he needed money to do that right? So he sent Peter to go and get the money from the mouth of a fish. The question is why did he send Peter and not John or James neither Matthew the former tax collector?

But rather he chooses Peter. You know why? Peter was a fisherman; he has the experience and the skill needed in catching fish.

You see, God will only manifest on what you have, Peter as the subject matter was able to perform that miracle because he was able to follow the instructions given to him by Jesus. At this juncture you should know that it is only instruction duly follow that result into reward.

The achievement was not as a result of the anointing that works for him, even during the time of Jesus, the disciples doesn’t have any anointing they only partook from the overflowing anointing of Jesus not until Jesus left, they were aniontless.

So, what I’m trying to say is that when Jesus sent Peter to get the money from the mouth of the fish, he (Peter) does not have anointing then, I mean Zero level of anointing but what made him to perform that miracle successfully was because he had the skill to do so or don’t you know that getting money from the mouth of the fish is a miracle? Or are you the one that put the money there?

Now, before you can perform miracle like that, there are some instructions/principles you need to follow. And sometimes you need skills to do that and not anointing.

From the instruction Jesus gave Peter in Matthew 18:27, he said ’cast a hook and take up the fish that first come’. So tell me if you can’t go into sea to cast a hook, how do you want to take up the fish? Talk less of getting the money. But as a result of what Peter was doing in Matthew 4:18, which qualified him to perform that miracle in Matthew 18:17.

I will continue on part two of this topic. Keep visiting.


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