Supremacy permitted to carry out his work
greatly loved by heavenly beings
disaffection spirit, ripened into revolt
once again, get caution of the supremacy
thou refused to be cautioned

sophistry and fraud pioneer
hard to discern, genesis deceiver
supreme neither deceit nor flatter
that, he imbibed
apparently, waged dishonour was highly honoured

veering rectitudness cum fidelity
delve the frail of humanity
getting men similitude you the thing himself, unmasked deceiver why is thy path zigzager

manufacturer of sin and his clang
extirpate spirit of rebellion
modified the given tenet
against divine government
nature of sinful nurture

come on! you longing to rule? yeah! no obligation, rule the caliber of your sinful nature forget not the allegiance of God’s creature
rest upon a conviction of his justice

we are all acquainted where you will end
heavenly infernos
peerless you, with your clans
caliber of sinful nature
tainted sinister folks

ponder not, am not a stakeholder in your entity
not single I, but multiple dextral folks
solid rock I stand, not to be betake
prepare, zillions depart thy darkful cage
enter lightful space

… the hour has come to liberate the world! divine inferno is thy ward
collectively citizenry crowd
greatest controversy ever seen
black snake under the black grass

Oh! death knell of yours was rung
Haaa! “it is finished”


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