The Church, the Kingdom, the Internet and YOU!

One thing I have realized is that there is a wide ‘Gap’ between the altar and the church, looking at the way it was structured. And when we look at the Kingdom which is theocratic in nature, God deliberately extended that to earth because one of the features of a kingdom is to dominate and extend, but we should know that extension will never take place if there is no power.

So God with His power extended His kingdom to the earth and made us kings over this kingdom he created. No wonder Revelations 5:9 says he has made us kings and Priest. Making us kings automatically means He has bestowed upon us the power to rule in His capacity on His behalf, that why he said Ye are gods! With this Kingdom God established, the heaven becomes His throne while earth becomes His footstool, which is an extension of the throne.

In this manner of God kind of government structure, the church becomes His footstool and the Altar His throne. Which is a replica of what zion is here on earth, making it His Palace. But when we get to this palace, people still find it difficult to get closer to the throne (the Altar). If things keep happening this way, the theocratic government won’t function as expected. Because there is noise in the communication flow, no wonder people keep on asking the same thing over the years were as God as answered since the first moment they asked. Listen to this God always speak from his throne is now left for the church, the people in the palace to hear him.

That is why there is introduction of another extension from the extension of what God has made. The INTERNET, At this Juncture you need to know that all things were created by God; devil doesn’t have any power to create than manipulate. Just as Faith is from God, fear is from devil.

So the extension of the kingdom of internet from the kingdom of earth through the approval of the kingdom of heaven has been formed to filling the gap between the Church and the throne. That is why we are here to be kings of this created kingdoms and rule over it not allowing any external forces to show us the way to rule or surrender our authority to the force but rather take over with the authority the Kings of kings has given us. There are more to internet than chatting, watching videos and entertaining ourselves. NO! That is not what the Internet is all about, you are meant to Glorify and worship God through the internet, if all your activities are not connoting this, that means your authority has been taken from you.

Meanwhile some people don’t even know that they are meant to rule because they don’t know who they are, what they are made of, so they tend to live like a slave, you have the authority but you are yet to activate it. This is your time to take over, give your life to Christ and let Him activate you authority to enthronement. You can do that here.
Some people, their case is different, may be they are on the throne but as a ‘figure head’, which means you are open to the hazard of dethronement, you need to know your stand and take over the kingdom now!

We need to really take over this kingdom and dominate all the territories, so that it will serve its real purpose of creation. With this there will be an effective communication between God and the people, the throne and the church. Because people will be able to express their selves, receive other people opinions which will be more interactive and interconnected through divine leadings.

This is what I believe; I believe that God is everywhere. He can be found on twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, if only you search for him there. God can be seen in all of us through our activities on the internet. What is your Belief?

Internet won’t just be an extended kingdom but also slam the wide gap between the church and the altar.



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