God’s Word Coming to Fulfillment on Israel Bible, on Her 70th

Isreal Bible.jpg

An American, RabbiTuly Weisz, who has done his own personal Bible studies and research with  a team of biblical scholars in Israel have published a 22,000 page Bible called The Israel Bible.

He said: “Every morning when I would read my Bible I just kept noticing all the references to Israel,” Weisz told CBN News. “They jumped out at me from nearly every page. So I began to underline, highlight and flag them all and started collecting the lessons in chronological order.”

He said that Deuteronomy 11:12 was that specific bible verse that stuck him out and inspired him to change his whole life. Which led him to move back to Israel with his family and tagged it “returning home.”

He started a daily newsletter that teaches Christians about the biblical significance of the land of Israel and the Jewish people’s connection to the land. Hoping that his unique Bible will continue to highlight those connections for Christians and Jews, under the organization he founded called Israel365. “We tried very hard to illustrate the modern state of Israel and connect them to the miracles of the Bible.” He added.

Weisz continued; “There’s a path that the Bible makes clear and prophetic plan in the Bible that says in the end of days that there will be a return of the people of Israel to the land of Israel and when that happens there will be restoration, and we’re seeing that right now.” “What was a barren wasteland 70 years ago is now a vibrant beautiful cultural dreamland.”


Weisz says we’re watching God’s prophecies come true in modern day times. Adding that while educating Jews and Christians alike on God’s prophecies over the land of Israel is a big part of the goal, he hopes The Israel Bible takes it a step further.

“For 2,000 years, the Bible was the number one source of division between Jews and Christians,” Weisz said referring to the differences in beliefs between the Old Testament and New Testament.

“My hope is that our Bible will become a source of unity and that Christians can connect the Jewish roots of their faith,” he said.

For the first time, nearly 200 jews and Christains joined together in Knesset to study the word of God, Co-sponsored by Weisz and his organization.

He added that: “We are in a golden era of Jewish-Christian relations.”  “Christians who care so much about what’s happening in Israel. We’re living in such fortunate times, we’re putting aside centuries of animosity to achieve this unity.”

Weisz however, hoped that the Jews will be inspired by the the ancient historical connection and decide to pick up and move to Israel.

He furthered, “This is our homeland, hopefully they make their way home.”

This Isreal Bible can now be access online at TheIsraeliBible.com where it is being sold and can be read online .


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