[Editorial] NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER; A culture, other countries must Imbibe from Americans.

Generally speaking America as a nation has been seen as one of the most immoral practice people. Not just only that, but also try to impose on other nations. A study of Gay marriage.

But why can’t we negelect the bad and follow the good part that will profit everyone.

Today, Christains across the country gather to pray for the country and this is an annual event, which comes up every first Thursday in the month of May.

On this set aside date, Americans seek for peace and unity also request fromGod to bless America. No wonder they will keep leading among other nations because there are some people interceeding for the country. And that is what we called Revival.

Revival is when you pray for the touch of God upon your nation and forgeting your own personal problems.

Among others are 10 major prayer point of Americans on this day. Which include;

  • Unity in the country,
  • Unity in the church,
  • Blessing for families, workplace and Community,
  • Help to see others as the Lord of the universe sees them,
  • Prayer for spiritual awkening in America,
  • Prayer for leadership in the Government,
  • Prayer for the Military both leaders and soldiers,
  • Prayer for unting truth to overcome divisive lies,
  • Prayer for leaders in the commuity and
  • Asking God to touch lives.

These are great prayer points for betterment of the Nation.

How glorious is it going to be if other countries can set a day out in a year to observe and do this?, especially Nations with prayer warriors.

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