In a Survey; Christains say Bible necessary to their morning routine than coffee but Not for all Americans

A survey was conducted on the most important between Bible and some other things, reavealing that out people who recongnized the importance of Bible, 61 percent prefer Bible in their morning routine than coffee, sweets, or social media.

In a report from Charisma News which shows the state of the Bible research commissioned by the American Bible Society and Barna Group. The survey shows that 37 percent among all the population of America say coffee is the most important to them. 28 percent preferred sweet, while 19 percent will go for social media and 16 percent for Bible.

The Bible serves as a source of energy and vision for the day ahead: for those who prefer Bible as major part of their daily routine. This was observed by Roy Peterson the American Bible Society President .

He added that; “What many Americans ri ghtly recognize is, that while coffee provides a nice temporary jolt of energy, only the life-changing message of the Bible gives lasting hope and peace.” “The Bible provides the wisdom of the ages for today’s fears, challenges and struggles.”

Out of the options from the daily routine survey shows that Bible, more than anything else on the list, provides peace and instills a greater hope for the future.

Peterson continued that “American Bible Society took a higher-resolution look into the lives of Americans around the Bible.”

“We are now able to give better context into how Americans are or are not interacting with the Bible and how that impacts their lives. We are finding the more engaged with the Bible someone is, the more hopeful and peaceful they are, along with a greater awareness of their need for the Bible.”


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