Do you know Character is in two folds?
You have to fight over one for the other to prevail and anyone that prevails forms your character.
What are these so called Qualities to fight for?

📌Love vs. Selfishness
📌Humility vs. Pride
📌Obedience vs. Willfulness
📌Gentleness vs. Harshness
📌Resourcefulness vs. Wastefulness
📌Punctuality vs. Tardiness
📌Patience vs. Restlessness
📌Sincerity vs. Hypocrisy
📌Loyalty vs. Unfaithfulness
📌Meekness vs. Anger
📌Alertness vs. Unawareness
📌Availability vs. Self-centeredness
📌Cautiousness vs. Rashness
📌Compassion vs. Indifference
📌Contentment vs. Covetousness
📌Dependability vs. Inconsistency
📌Dligence vs. Slothfulness
📌Enthusiasm vs. Apathy
📌Faith vs. Presumption
📌Generosity vs. Stinginess

For more of this join our online conference here were we will be thrashing all issues related to Character, coming up 18th-20th of May 2018. 8-10 PM Daily.

For more info. Contact 08137435280.

… Now you will agree with me that Character is battle

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