Question of Human heart

Every human being in this world has one or two questions to ask about their human existence, searching for what this earth entails and how they find themselves on it. The quest to know the truth has sprang up different bodies, school of thoughts and many thinkers and researchers with different answers to this question. This big Question mark has birthed religion, science and many other affected bodies, everyone in one way or the other is looking for a cognitive to balance their dissonance about this earth. So we tend to forcefully agree at a consensus in order convince our mind about humans existence be it true or false since there is fact to back it up.

No wonder questions kept arising day by day, month by month and year by year. Why? Because we are yet to find a perfect answer to the question, all we do is to find a fact that will attain to that question at that particular time/season but as time flies the question keep resuscitating and the search keep going deeper.

However, one thing I have noticed in this quest is that during any of the researches to find answer to this question, we always find an opportunity to live a better and easy life though that is not we are looking for but in the process we find a way to make life easier and that has been really helpful.

The big question “mêlée” has made most people to conclude that whatever reasons we find ourselves in this life, let just live it as it comes but my question is should that be the best solution. What is your take?

But however in my search too over this question of a thing, I have agreed that there are five questions that can lead us to the path of the big question we are asking if we can give answers to those questions.

Here are the questions:

Who Am I? This is the first question we need to ask because if you can’t identify yourself, how do you want to identify something else? So tackle this question first WHO AM I? Never forget that this question deals with IDENTITY

Where am I from? The second on my list, at least if you don’t know where you are presently, you should be able to know where you are coming from and that may lead you to where you are right now. It is simply just saying knowing you background and trust me, you can use that to know where you are and predict where you going to. So tackle this question WHERE WAS I COMING FROM BEFORE FINDING MYSELF ON THIS EARTH? This question deals with SOURCE

Why am I here? Until you find answer to those two questions, you can never find the perfect answer to this, all you will be doing is guess work and that is very dangerous. You aren’t sent down here for show off or to live a life but to come and solve a problem which you are created for, that is why you need to know the reason for you existence. So tackle this question WHY AM I HERE? This question deals with PURPOSE (which should be our major focus)

What can I do? After knowing you purpose, how do you tend to go about it? What can you do to fulfill this purpose, what is in my capacity and capability of doing this thing. My strength and my weakness, how do I build myself to be up to the task and how do I implement it effectively. So once again tackle this question WHAT CAN I DO? This question deals with POTENTIAL.


Where am I going? On a finally note, the fifth question shows where you go from here after all the first four question has been perfectly answered, what is my fate? With all these that I have done, where will it take me to? What are the chances of getting there as a result of what I have done?   So lastly, tackle this question WHERE AM I GOING? This question deals with DESTINY.

Note that all these questions are sequential you need to follow them accordingly to find the perfect answer because if you don’t know who you are, you can’t know where you are from which will make your purpose here unknown and you won’t know what to do about it, which cant lead you to your destination.

Questions of Human HEart Quotes.JPG

On my own opinion you cannot get the perfect answers to all these questions if you don’t go to GOD the creator of the universe, may be you need to confirm that first. And kick start from there.




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