[NEWS] “I’m a Doctor, not a Murderer” as the two Houses is Divided Over Legalisation of Abortion in Argentina.

Argentina is known to be one of the primary Catholic Country whose division was recently arouse over the controversial issue of Abortion.
The two houses have been divided over agreeing on legalizing Abortion which has put the traditionally pro-life stance appeared to be in jeopardy. The president of the country had promised to sign the bill into law as approved by the lower house but he Senate disagreed.
The debate of this bill by lawmakers has prone many pro-life and pro-choice advocates to make their voice heard on the issue including the Doctors which signs saying with signs saying, “I’m a doctor, not a murderer.”
Ahead of the Senate vote, over 300 private hospitals and medical facilities officials has denounced the legislation, vowed not to take human lives, no matter what is costs them.
This issue has cause division among the people of the country despite being a major Catholic nation which made church leaders to hold a “Mass for Life” on the eve of the voting exercise, where many are awaiting for the result at the capita building both against and for.
Cardinal Mario Poli, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, told churchgoers that “It’s not about religious beliefs but about a humanitarian reason.” He added that “Caring for life is the first human right and the duty of the State.”
Those in support of the legalization of abortion say since 1983 over 3,000 women in Argentina died of illegal abortions in the country.
Meanwhile, during this year Pope Francis had denounced abortion as the “white glove” equivalent of the Nazi-era eugenics program and urged families “to accept the children that God gives them.”


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