Prayer Conference: INTENSITY

Most times the distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between our knees and the floor.

Prayer is fellowshipping or communing with God and the best way to do that is among people of the same mind.

That is why this Virtual prayer conference is meant for these Four categories:

1⃣ Those who are looking forward for answer to their

2⃣ Those who are hungry for success and excellence

3⃣ Those who are interceding on behalf of others.

4⃣ And those of *Higher authority* who can pray for others to get answers.

In the light of the above reasons, this 3-days Virtual Prayer Conference is created.


Imagine if one could chase a thousand and two Ten thousand Imagine what 50 will do!

To participate send I PRAY and Name to +234 813 743 5280 Via Whatsapp.


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