Evolution sun!
Revolute not!
Apt Addiction!
Smoothen for more than the crumb,
Into lawlessly fighting.

With boils of words,
Bastardising Authorities,
Altering ails to their Ambitions,
Lyrics sprouting for their recite,
Elders’ worth-paying no credit,
Meadow budding thorns-eyeless,
Combating dead deeds.

Fear homicide integrity diurnal,
Sinuous thru surge of the lane.
Mammals take non-lightly chaps clemency,
Object injustice with life.
Birds lock not birdie ova,
We see but we have shut our bowels of voice,
Stigmatizes our mind with fouls.

Here is Injustice, vices, wrongs,
There our objections overrule,
Voices are lift touching there,
Here chaos atoms of dishonesties,
Accountabilities in our whims,
Pay the price for finish.

Here is the test of integrity,
There is the seat for trustees,
Still dead deeds for renovate living.

© fewords-GreatWorks Poem 2018


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