Intro: Before we go into prayer, there is a need for us to have full understanding of what we are praying for, so that we won’t be asking when we are meant to be seeking. Some of us don’t need to pray certain prayers again, if only we could understand our focus.

Let s begin by taking a snapshot into what prayer constitutes: I would prefer to say PRAYER is a two way communication flow between God and man. Which simply means it a two way relationship where man should not only talk to God but also Listen to Him through the spiritual signal (please don’t mind my communication jargon). That means it is spiritual communication.

Someone will be like WHY PRAYER? Shebi It is God now, he should know all my request since he is omini everything.

That right, there is no denial that God doesn’t know your needs but then, he has given you a will to choose what he has for you, that is if you really need it you ask, if you are not asking that means probably you don’t.

If you don’t ask your father for school fees or something you need, he might not give you UNTIL you ask him, does that means he doesn’t know? No, he is just want to know how valuable that thing will be to you when you eventually get it.

No wonder Isaiah recorded that “And it shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear”
That first part of the verse simply interpreted that God already know what is been requested for, before asking, which gives Him the ability to answer even before the call.

The verse doesn’t end there, it said While they are …yet speaking, SPEAKING as a Gerund of ING which means is Present continuous in the sense that you are active on that thing. So in the middle of asking from God, that is when your answer comes.

But then, you must attempt to ask first before receiving anything. The Part of Prayer tends to play that role effectively.


This night, our core is on destiny, we are going to pray our destiny out to the point of fulfillment and enlargement. But before then, let take a grasp of what DESTINY entails. Hope No one is bearing destiny here?

A sum up of what has happened to you and what is happening to you which will determine what will happen to you is DESTINY.

We should however know that we are in control of our lives and everything that happens to us is as a result of our own choice which means you are exclusively accountable and responsible for your own DESTINY. No Man uses your life without your permission, either directly or indirectly. (So when praying, you should by know that you need a sense of responsibility and greater commitment to, have a greater DESTINY).

I know someone will be like but sometimes we can’t control what happen to us, like we are predestined to face that particular issue. Now let me change you thinking, science of Spirituality research shows that in the present times 65% of our lives are ruled by destiny and 35% by willful action. Now let me shock you, we can overcome the 65% of our destiny part, by using the 35% of our willful action to undertake the correct spiritual practice.

Even for God to fulfill what he has destined you for, it takes your agreement to make to come to pass.

Some people have even argued that Is destiny Faith or Fate, something you wished for or never wished for.
Let me answer that by saying, the one who has not found himself would forever remain a slave of destiny but the one who found himself will remain at the center of his destiny (He is in charge). So whether or not destiny is important, depends on you.

That means you will be the one to determine if your destiny will be great or not!
So don’t tell me whatever happens, happens, and we can’t do anything about it. This is called “fatalism”. If it so then you shouldn’t go for education and seat at home.
Paul at some point could have think persecution was what he was destined to do. Until he had an encounter for turnaround of destiny into a greater one.

For you to be at the center of your destiny you have to get God’s plan before your own plan because every person has a God-given destiny.

That is why you need to seek God by mediating on His word and Praying which is why we are here to pray it out. No matter how worse the destiny has been before a right prayer will turn it around for greatness.

Before I go further on prayer, let me say this on Meditation, this is very vital to pray because it is that mindset you bring into the attitude of prayer because the best way to change the way your life is to change the way you think, which will reflect in your prayer.
Now begin to change the way you think and start picturing a greater destiny.

  • Father I commit myself unto you for a greater destiny, show me your Plan o Lord and direct my path.
  • Father Open my eye that I may see the cause of my destiny failure
  • Father engrace me and strengthen me to deal with those causes and walk in your divine Plan for the fulfillment of my great destiny.
  • Oh Lord, make me to be at the center of my destiny and not a slave to it.

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