[INTENSITY: Morning Chrage] What you Need to Know About PRAYER. [Part One]

The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor.

Prayer is a form of communication between man and God. There is a place of asking and there is place of receiving, so if you don’t ask you can’t receive.

But the most interesting part is that some prayed and get no answer, a lot of us have engaged in trial and error, hit and miss game on our prayer altar but someone will be like Matthew 2:7 has said it all, why don’t you sit and ask what is important in accordance with the scripture. We don’t receive answers because we pray Amiss!
Prayer is fellowshipping or communing with God which can be done in different ways.

In prayer there is a place of asking, a place where you seek, knocking is another business entirely.
So if you ask you are expected to receive, seek to find and knock to be opened.

You can’t be asking for instance, and expect it to be opened unto you! Until you knock, it will remain closed. The projected response of your prayer should be determined by the one you use among these there Ask, Seek and Knock. It clearly shows that there are higher authority that the other.
Some people have gone to the existent of asking to seeking, while some to knocking. It only takes a well authoritative and powerful person to do so. Which all base on our level of understanding.

Because when you knock, it shows you know where you are heading to; you can’t just stand at someone’s door and begin to know the door. The knocking shows you specificity.
Asking for instance could be, you don’t know where you are going; all you know is that you have to reach out to someone.

Seeking could be you know where you are going but how to get is what you don’t know.
Knocking could be, you already know where you are going, in fact you have gotten to where you are going but all you need is to gain access.
Can you see that these there are different, your prayer is in accordance to your level of understanding, some people only ask and when they receive, they believe that’s all Not until you get to the level of knocking you prayer is still at the edge.

Because what differentiate someone that asks, to someone that seeks and to someone that knock is their level of understanding on what they have been praying for.
In fact some people are knocking, when they are suppose to be asking, some are even seeking when they are suppose to be knocking. Now tell me how you want to get answer to your prayer?

When you are not doing the right thing, no wonder the scripture says, we pray amiss. Wise up and be strategic when praying. Can you imagine a goal keeper going into the opposition’s half to strike while the oppositions are in his box with the ball?

He is not doing the right thing at that moment; he is expected to be more defensive as the goal keeper than been offensive. He shouldn’t be praying to God, so that his opponent won’t score, but if the opponent end up putting the ball at the back of net. He shouldn’t say God did not answer his prayer.
Even if the pastor is the one giving you prayer point, why not contextualized, personalized and rephrase it, if possible to suit your own expected answer.

It is too clear that only those that ask, receive, those that seek, find while those that knock is opened unto. Don’t get it twisted, you can be asking and be expecting to be opened unto you, the best answer you can get is to receive. The more you ask, the more you receive again and again. Not until you knock, it can be opened.


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