[NEWS] Nigeria Most controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze Laments of becoming Jobless and Poor after Speaking against Tithing and Men of God.

One of the well known On – Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has voiced out his poor financial status after he began to preach against payment of Tithes and Men of God.

He has been in the news for few months now, on his online teaching perspectives of Christianity from the other side, speaking against the payment of tithe and doctrines of several men of God especially in Nigeria. Some of the Men of God include Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Apostle Johnson Suleman and several others.

Though he claimed to be a Christian but yet believed strongly that Tithe is a Sin.

On his Intagram page, he confirmed that his finances and career has crumbled after his campaign against payment of tithe. He added that he had lost businesses, clients and opportunities since when he stared his ‘Free The Sheeple’ movement.

The post was as response to quotes by Rev. Yomi Kasali (@yomi_Kasali on Instagram) which one among many other states that “The greatest tragedy today, is seeing non practicing Christians (pastors) running and leading Christian organizations (church), hence misleading innocent and naïve seekers in church”
The staunch ‘church’ critic alleged that some Men of God and Christians he has attacked, are the one behind his misfortune.
He said, ‘‘From my experience with these people who stop at nothing, if you dare speak out against the lies many of them are telling, you are in for a lot”.

“They fought me on every realm. I lost every business client, I used to MC a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 events monthly and I used to charge more than a million Naira per event. I haven’t MCed in 2 years.”

”They went as far as trying to get me sacked from work so I can be without much of a ‘crown’ and ‘frozen’.”

Recently, he commented a picture on his twitter page of a Lady smoking on Nun attire stating that “there is absolutely nothing wrong with the picture” because it is a cloth sow by a tailor.

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