[NEWS] #HOWTOLIFE Movement heads overseas; As Teens continues in leading peers to Christ.

HOw to life

Teenagers continue to lead peers to Christ around the world as they head oversea for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with taking of the #HOWTOLIFE movement.

Jordan Whitmer, the founder of #HOWTOLIFE, in a conversation with CBN News 

“The #HOWTOLIFE movement started a little over 3 years ago in my hometown in Arkansas and very quickly has been expanding all over America,” Whitmer explained. “The whole premise is that it’s teenagers reaching other teenagers and planning events and mobilizing to make a difference.”

A difference is definitely needed. Whitmer said a Barna study earlier this year found that only 4 percent of Generation Z across America have a biblical worldview.

“This statistic is so sobering that literally it’s less than one in 20 teenagers that you meet on the street on average will have a biblical worldview, seeing the world through the lens that Christians do, seeing it through the lens of Jesus as their Savior, and truly having that close relationship with Christ,” he said.

But #HOWTOLIFE teens are accepting the challenge. Whitmer said in the last 3 years, 35 student-led #HOWTOLIFE events have been held across the US in 14 states.

“It’s been amazing; we have teenagers stepping up and leading worship, sharing their stories and fighting to reach their generation – my generation, Generation Z – for Jesus today,” he shared.

Whitmer said the events usually consist of a time of praise and worship, a drama/skit and students sharing their testimonies of how Jesus made a positive difference in their lives.

“The stories are incredibly powerful and ultimately lead to a Gospel presentation where the Gospel is clearly shared by a teenager at a #HOWTOLIFE event,” he elaborated.

“And teenagers are invited to begin a relationship with Jesus, and it’s amazing to see what God has been doing through events like this all over America,” Whitmer continued.

Recently, teens held a #HOWTOLIFE event in Virginia Beach, Virginia – the first one on the East Coast. Around 300 teens and young people attended, and around 50 came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

“Some kids were crying; some kids were just kneeling in reverence and repentance – I’ll never forget this night,” shared Abby, the student organizer of the Virginia Beach #HOWTOLIFE.

“It was just so amazing, and I just really hope that they walk forward from this and don’t turn back and just pursue Jesus wholeheartedly,” she continued. “Then get plugged into a youth group or FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) or Young Life.”

“I just can’t wait to see what God does from this night – this is the beginning!” Abby exclaimed.

“My vision from God is to see this generation rise up and claim Jesus and spread Jesus all over this world because he is the only one who can save,” said Victor, a member of the Virginia Beach #HOWTOLIFE student leadership team.

“I would like to see this – this exact event – I would like to see this everywhere, all over the place,” said Jasmine, another member of the student leadership team. “Kids coming to the Lord, trying to get to know him better, trying to invest in him.”

“I like 100 percent recommend people to do it all over the place,” she continued.

“It was an amazing response of young people wanting to commit their life to Christ and an absolutely incredible start to what we hope to see be an amazing year of harvest of teenagers around America and now around the world as well,” Whitmer told CBN News.

He said he and his #HOWTOLIFE team now are planning the first two international student-led events – one in England and the other in Germany.

“In both of these places there (are) teenagers and young people that are coming together because they’re saying, ‘Hey, we want to reach our nations for Jesus. We want to reach our friends,'” Whitmer shared.

“And the fact that there are young people in Europe, an area that in many cases is very beyond Jesus; the fact that there is hope, and teenagers and young people in these nations to step up and lead for Christ is absolutely amazing,” he continued.

#HOWTOLIFE is growing as teens take hold of the Gospel and truly understand its importance.

“This is about people’s eternities here. That’s way more important than a short-term grade or sport, whatever. Pursue those things – those are awesome; do them for the glory of God,” Abby said.

“But what’s really important is people’s lives, and that’s what #HOWTOLIFE’s all about,” she continued.



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