GOD OF INDUSTRY – Samson Adah Paul

The Author Samson Adah Paul is the bestselling author of Atomic knowledge which has been adopted to be a general text book in the current best university in Nigeria, Covenant University, Ota.

The book consist of fourteen chapters, where the author was able demystify how industry can be established, sustained and reproduced.

He however noted that the purpose of creation for man is of the mandate for industry, which can be traced to the book of Genesis which state that be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue the earth and to have dominion; But men have misinterpret this statement to mean Be foodful, money-pile, replenish yourself, subdue men and build pavilions.

So the mentality of men has been tilted towards survival rather than industrious and that has made most people especially Christians to be refugee other than kingdom ambassador which God has sent us to be.

The author emphasized that refugees living can only breeds deliverance while diplomatic living breeds dominion. He likened refugee package as an emergence hospital system that answers to mans helplessness, but God’s diplomatic package is a production-factory system that answers to man’s helpfulness. Prompt emergence services are only available in hospital emergency wards, not I n banks. So also, man should not expect to reap the diplomatic privileges of dominion from refugees’ camp of deliverance.

But it is so unfortunate that Africans especially ignores God’s industry plan; they are rather addicted to God’s free-lunch miracle plan.

The God of miracles is much more the god of industry.

The author make it plain that God of signs and wonders is also God of science and industry, starting with this quote Science is the art of translating a supernatural tool of creation into human software for inventions.  Science is God’s gift to man that saves man from earthly captivity.

But for us to be able to be industrious, we need habit which is so supreme that the scripture reveals that a wise servant … in other words a maid with the right habit shall have rule over a foolish son and shall share inheritance with the children of his master (Proverb. 17:2)

He noted that; it is o embarrassing to see a devout Christian who blames his failure on generational curse; but most often than not, it is generational flaws of bad habits that has kept most Africans bound in poverty in the midst of plenty.

According to the author, habit can be of

  • Habit of lioness usefulness
  • Habit of industry
  • Habit of talent activation
  • Habit of talent-driven work
  • Habit of utility of talent
  • Habit of dignity of talent shamelessness
  • Habit of diversity

In conclusion, if you are not spirit-led, at best you will end up doing business and owning enterprise; but when you become spirit-led you will grow up doing industry and owning economy of nations. Industry is not for entrepreneurs; industry is rather for SpiritPreneurs.

When men teach you to profit you will end up earning money for yourself; but when God teach you to profit you will grow up boosting the economy of nations!.

I will at this point urge you to get the book and trust me; you will have deep insight and more knowledge about God and industry. Or you can use the comment button for more discussion.

To get the copy of the book or for other specialized programs that you can engage Samson Adah Paul to present to your organization, institution, congregation or community are the Thinkcraft Summit, the Workcraft Summit, the Welathcraft Summit, the Timecraft Summit and the God of Industry Economic Summit. Contact Oceans PR Agency 08134707145, 08077998160,





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