2018 Luminaries of the Year – Rev. Everett Swanson


#Day 4

In 1952, the Rev. Everett Swanson went to South Korea to minister to the American troops who were fighting in the Korean War. While, in Seoul, he witnessed hundreds of war orphans living and dying in the streets, abandoned by society, he vowed to find a way to help them. Starting with a single orphanage, he created a program that provided food, clothing, medical care, shelter, and a Bible-based education to these unwanted children. Within two years, the mission grew into a sponsorship program where American individuals, groups, and churches could care for these children with small monthly donations. Today, with the support of 14 sponsor countries around the world, nearly 2 million babies, children, and young adults are released from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty through Compassion International’s Christ-centered, child-focused, church-based programs. Some of the ways you can help:

Host a Compassion Sunday to find sponsors for waiting for children by making a brief presentation, showing a short video, and setting up a sponsorship table at your church.

* Rescue a new mother and baby living in poverty by sponsoring them through a small monthly donation.


* Sponsor a child in a developing country through a monthly donation to provide nutritious food, medical care, hygiene training, educational assistance, disaster relief, and an opportunity to be mentored in the church and to hear Jesus’ message of love and hope.

Compassion International is a Christian humanitarian aid child sponsorship  organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty  around the world. Compassion International, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, functions in 25 countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Haiti, and Kenya. The organization provides aid to more than 1,700,000 children. The chairman of the board is Karen Kemps Wesolowski, and Santiago Mellado is the President and CEO.


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