Nigeria Primate Slams Church of England over Baptism

Church of England adjusted the Affirmation of Baptism in order to welcome and cross across transcommunity.

Affirmation of Baptism is not another form of Baptism or second Baptism but its aid people who intended to make renewal of their faith.

The participant will be addressed by chosen name and not by birth name, thereby celebrating the person’s gender identity.

In this regards, the Primate of Nigeria (Anglican communion) kicked agaist the amendment, he said the amendment “contradicts
our God-given identity as male and female.”

He backlash the move and pray for repentance.

In a message for Epiphany, Okoh said: “A form of service which is intended to mark a renewed commitment to Christ and the new life we receive through him is instead
used to celebrate an identity which contradicts our God-given identity as male and female (as affirmed by Jesus himself in Matthew 19:4) and is still controversial even in secular society.

“So, much as we thank God for the rich history represent
by the See of Canterbury, we cannot avoid the sad truth that insistence on full communion with Canterbury as an
essential mark of belonging to the Anglican Communion now risks jeopardising the apostolic faith itself.

“Let us pray that there will be repentance and that God
will give courage and boldness to those who remain


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