Power of Choice.jpg

By Falade Ayomikun


Please note that every destiny destination is as a result of the choices we make

Statistics shows that 5% of people make things happen, 25% watch things happen and 70% are not even aware that anything is happening

The question now is WHERE DO YOU BELONG?

Life doesn’t just happen, life is made to happen

Life doesn’t answer to wishes, it answers to practical steps and actions

You are the determining factor of the outcome of your life and destiny, not God, the devil,Angels nor human but you and you alone

Your choice determines your take:Deut30v19

Life doesn’t just happen,our choice makes it so

Don’t leave your life to chance but rather take proper and adequate steps

If you wait, you will waste

Success is deliberately planned, programmed, and consciously pursued to be realized and actualized

Excellence is not an accident, but always a result of high intentions,sincere efforts, and intelligent execution

Choice is what determines a man’s destiny, not chance

Don’t live your life to chance if you don’t want to be chanced out of life

Don’t be deceived, grace is not released for free but every grace is for a race

You know what Paul said? He said,I have run the race, I have finished my cause and later he said “I am what I am by the grace bestowed upon me

He also said,the grace that was bestowed upon me was not in vain

The energy to pursue is not and will not be released until the purpose of a thing is know

Grace is always for a race….I mean every grace is for a race

You can’t make wave in life wishing for things to happen,

Everything that work is worked

Make the right choice today, because if you wait you can waste forever





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